National Side Saddle Show 2024


Are you gearing up for this year’s National Show ?

Here is the first part of our guide to (almost) everything you need to know about the National Show.

First things first, the show is on 26th – 28thJuly, at Addington Manor. Entries open on the 1st June and can be made on paper or online.

Stabling and hook up are booked with Addington Manor directly and stabling is available to book from 1st June.

The show is held over 3 days and there are a huge number of classes from dressage and show jumping, to working hunter and veterans and everything in between. Basically anything you can do astride, you can do on the wonk at the Champs.

You do not need to qualify for the National Show, with the exception of the following classes:

Equitation, Classical Ladies, Contemporary Ladies, Sir Lancelot. The Classical, Contemporary and Sir Lancelot are awarded at relevant shows.

Equitation classes require the rider to be a full member of the Association and to present their Points Card in the ring for signing by the judge. PUT YOUR POINTS CARD IN YOUR JACKET POCKET AND LEAVE IT THERE. You MUST present your signed points card at the National Show when collecting your number, so make sure you keep it safe.

To enter the Equitation section you need to accumulate 9 points. Points are awarded as per the rule book (pages 47/48) 1st place – 5, 2nd place – 4. All other placings receive 3 points, so attending 3 shows and competing in three Equitation classes will gain you a qualification. When planning your classes, and particularly if you are planning on doing the Equitation, bear in mind how side saddle fit your horse is. Travelling and staying away from home can be tiring for your horse so don’t over cook it on the Friday and pace yourself.


Friday classes involve Dressage, Dressage with Jumping, Dressage to Music Restricted Turnout Newcomers Equitation Right Shoulder Back Training Class Historical Costume Classical Ladies Qualifier Performance Horse and Pony Horsemanship Fold to the Right Jumping Equitation Training Class Friday night hosts the Pas De Deux, Rococo Pas Seul and Caro Cripps Pas Seul. These are a must watch evening entertainment. Even if you aren’t competing you should definitely come and watch. If this is your first National Championships or if you riding at a novice level and would like some input then look out for these Friday classes: Newcomers Equitation – 3 minute freestyle test, ridden similar to a dressage test, showing walk, trot and canter on both reins, followed by turnout judging. This is open to anyone who has NOT competed in a Newcomers or Equitation Class at a previous Championships. Right Shoulder Back Freestyle Equitation Training Class – 3 minute freestyle show, followed by turnout judging. The competitor receives feedback on both riding and turnout. Fold to the Right Jumping Equitation Training Class – 53cm or 84cm height. The rider will jump a course of fences, receive feedback and then proceed to jump a second round. Horsemanship – run like a qualifying equitation class. PLEASE BEAR IN MIND, IF YOU ARE ENTERING THE EQUITATION CLASSES ON SATURDAY THEN YOUR TURNOUT NEEDS TO BE TOP NOTCH. Leave time on Friday afternoon/evening to scrub, polish, wash, buff, scrape and shine your kit. (Area 12 has a cleaning session at base camp, help will be on hand to perfect your turnout).


Saturday is the serious day for those contesting the Equitation Classes. The Junior and Adult Rider of the Year awards are given to those riders gaining the highest placings in the Equitation, Equitation Jumping and turnout. YOU CAN DO THE EQUITATION WITHOUT ENTERING THE EQUITATION JUMPING. These are timed classes, you will ride your Equitation Test (pages 58 onwards in your handbook). You will then go directly to the Equitation Turnout judge, and receive a second time for Equitation Jumping if entered. You can choose the height of fences that you wish to jump, against the following options: Junior Open and Young Rider Open – 53cm or 70cm Junior Novice 38cm or 53cm Adult Novice 70cm or 76cm Adult Intermediate 76cm or 84cm Adult Open 84cm or 91cm Saturday also sees a range of showing and fun classes including fancy dress, versatile horse or pony (think side saddle handy pony) riding horse, cob and M&M. As many of you will remember, Emma Gann from Emmpix was the official photographer for the National Show for many years, the Champs was her favourite show. Sadly Emma passed away last year and this year the inaugural Emma Gann Memorial Future Star Class will take place on Saturday afternoon. This is a showing class, open to adults riding a horse exceeding 148cm. This will be judged on manners, suitability and overall impression.


Sunday is mainly showing and jumping, along with the Classical Ladies Final. There are also young rider classes, coloured, racehorse, veteran and hunters. For those riders of a more mature age there are three Old Bats classes for riders 45-51, 51-59 and 60 and over. If you want to voluntarily leave the ground, there are show jumping and working hunter classes. The show ends with the Pairs class, the Contemporary Ladies Final and the Area 12 Champagne Challenge.


It’s Showing But Not As You Know It!

We are so hoping to get a season underway this year – so please find below a link to our first training show.  Open to members and non-members. Go to Schedules and Events page for all the details.  

Update on our Chairman

A message from the Side Saddle Secretary to update us on our Chairman Janet Senior. “Janet has asked that she still receives no direct communication for the time being as she needs to rest and has good days and bad days. She had a setback this week when she went in for her appointment and […]

Dr Karen Milbourne Retires as Chairman of Area 12

Dr Karen Milbourne stepped down as Chairman at the Area AGM on Saturday 15th November.  Miss Emma Brown was appointed as Chairman.  The Committee and Members thanked the out-going Chairman for all her hard work since taking on the position in 2004 and wish her well for the future.