Welcome to the second event in the Area 12– It’s showing, but not as you know it series.

The second event is planned for Sunday 13th June.

This event will be slightly different, allowing the rider to focus on specific classes, either general showing or for those aiming at the Nationals.

This event will include return to jumping, along with help to get the most out of your showing or equitation classes for those aiming for the National Championships (Bury Farm 13-15th August)

The format will be similar to our first event with competitors riding in small groups, with a timed start, and based on the level that your horse is currently working at. All ridden work will be on a surface.

The return to jumping session will not include large fences or a course, but is designed to get horse and rider back into jumping side saddle over individual fences,  and to provide advice and tips for you to go away and work on at home.

Each session will last between 1-1 ½ hours. You will arrive and prepare yourself and your horse as you would for a show. You will be given around 20 minutes to warm up in your group, this will be observed and instruction/feedback will be given as required. Your group will then progress in accordance with your chosen discipline.

You may choose to work on a show suitable for your showing class or ride through a set show. For example you may be entering the Gracious Ladies class or the Mountain and Moorland and may want to work on an appropriateshow. You may be working towards the Equitation test, or the Equitation Jumping and wish to obtain equitation feedback.

A comments sheet will be completed by the instructors, and marks will also be given on the overall appearance, turnout and the individual show.  The feedback will be emailed to you after the event has ended, and rosettes awarded accordingly. Each level will receive their own set of rosettes.

The committee hope that this will provide the elements of attending a show with the feedback from a clinic.

The show will be run alongside the Covid rules relevant at that time, the guidelines below are subject to change, and will be advised nearer the time.

All attendees must adhere to the rules set by the event.

All riders will be able to bring a helper, but we ask that you limit this to one per rider where possible.

You will be given a start time, and ask that you arrive at a suitable time that will allow you to get ready, but remain at your lorry until you are asked to make your way to the arena.

Once your session has finished, you should get your horse ready to leave and depart promptly.

You will be directed to park in the field, and to make your way to the arena by riding through the field.  Please do not enter the stable yard.

Please pick up all droppings, and do not tie haynets to the outside of your vehicle. Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times.

Please note that we will not be offering refreshments at this event. (Toilet facilities will be available).

The following fees apply

Current Area 12 SSA members                                                   free of charge

Current SSA members from other areas                                 £15.00

Non SSA members                                                                       £25.00 (includes £5.00 day membership)

Numbers will be limited, and entry will be on a first come, first served basis

Please do not send any payment with your entry. If we have space and can accommodate your entry, you will be sent an invoice. Payment must be received before the day, and your place will be confirmed.

Where possible riders and horses will be placed in groups according to ability where numbers allow. If it is necessary to include you in a group above your level you will be marked and asked to perform movements to the level you are riding at.  This event will support riders who plan to attend the National Championships, and you will be asked what Equitation test or showing sections you are planning on riding. The event will also support riders who are not  planning on riding an Equitation test,  you may advise what showing class you are aiming for, and we will assist accordingly.

It’s showing, but not as you know it is open to all riders. Newcomers are very welcome to attend, you are welcome to enter even if are not planning on going to the National Championships, and have not competed before.

One further date is planned on the 4th July at Pickering Grange, and this will include the opportunity to ride a test in a 60mx20m arena and to jump a course.

Please complete the attached form and return to [email protected]. You will receive confirmation that your entry has been accepted (and an invoice if appropriate), along with a copy of the set show relating to your level of riding. Your clinic time will be advised nearer to the event. Please note that we plan to start the day with newcomers and progress to open riders.

To be held at The Lodge Equestrian Farm, by kind permission of Hazel Allin

The Lodge Equestrian Farm
Wilford Road
NG11 6NA

GDPR Statement:

By entering/attending this event in whatever capacity you agree to your name and address being collected and securely stored by Area12 for a maximum period of 6 months.



Name of Rider  






SSA Membership number
Not a SSA member

(please tick box if not a SSA member)

Name of Horse  


Level currently riding at  


Equitation Test you intend to complete at the Nat. Show     (if applicable)
Showing class you intend to compete in

(if not aiming for equitation)

I wish to receive instruction in* Equitation   □            Showing   □      Equitation Jumping   □
Name of parent or guardian

(if rider is 18 or under)



Suggestions for describing your level of riding  are:

Newcomers       walk and trot only, or walk and trot with some canter

Novice                  capable of, or working towards the novice equitation test at the Nationals

Intermediate     capable of, or working towards the intermediate equitation test at the Nationals

Open                     capable of, or working towards the open equitation test at the Nationals


We would advise that you select the level you and your horse are currently working at. As an example, you may prefer to enter as a newcomer if bringing a novice horse, even if you have competed at a higher level with a different partnership.


Suggestions for showing include:

M&M, hunter, riding horse, general showing

*If space allows you may choose to work on two different elements, i.e. equitation and equitation jumping, and to take part in two different groups if spaces allow. Please tick the appropriate boxes if this is applicable

It’s Showing But Not As You Know It!

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