Results – Southwell Ploughing Match – 24th September

Concours D’elegance  1st Kirsty Heathcote, Rhapsody in blue; 2nd Lauren Hill, The Ark Royal; 3rd Chantelle Smith, Rosheen Prince Equitation 1st Rebecca Mawer, Park Potion; 2nd Lauren Hill, The Ark Royal; 3rd Kirsty Heathcote, Rhapsody in Blue  Best Horse or Pony 1st Louise Graham, Corileas Imp; 2nd Rebecca Mawer, Park Potion Best Ladies Hunter 1st Lauren Hill, The Ark Royal; 2nd Chantelle Smith, Rosheen Prince; 3rd Faye Ludlow, Lowmoor Touchstone; 4th Sybil Atkinson, Claude  CHAMPION Lauren Hill; RESERVE CHAMPION Louise Graham

Wellow Spring Show Results – 2nd April 2017

Class 1 Open Style and Appearance 1st Yvonne Bacon, Bertie Class 2 Novice Equitation 1st Yvonne Bacon, Bertie 2nd Lynn Hallam, Lowhouses Jessica II 3rd Mary Tonks, Fina Paloma Class 3 Restricted Equitation 1st Mary Tonks, Fina Paloma 2nd Yvonne Bacon, Bertie 3rd Lynn Hallam, Lowhouses Jessica II Class 4 Concours d’Elegance 1st Lauren Allin, […]

Equestrian Life Winter Show 22nd April 2018

Side Saddle Novice Equitation 1st Lorna Blake, Lowmoor Years of Grace 2nd Jacqueline Sutherland, Owen 3rd, Abigail Shaw, Diamond Kitt Concours D’Elegance 1st, Alexandra Molesworth St Aubyn, Taffechan Rough Diamond 2nd Tatty Barwick, Vicarage Painted Lady 3rd Holly Baker, Waverhead Bracken II 4th Kerry Harrison, Albus Dumbledore Open Equitation 1st Rachael Barker, Kingsclough Masquerade 2nd […]

Results – Equestrian Life Open Show

Results – Equestrian Life Open Show 28th April Open Equitation 1st G Ridal, Sabrehill Solo 2nd R Barker, kingsclough Masquerade 3rd K Harrison, Albus Dumbledore Concours d’Elegance 1st R Fairbairn, Delilah Rose 2nd G Ridal, Sabrehill Solo 3rd J Martin, Freddie Best Horse or Pony Ridden Side Saddle 1st J Sutherland, Owen A Million 2nd […]