Nottinghamshire County Show – 12-13 May 2018

Concours D’Elegance

1st Tatty Barwick, Vicarage Painted Lady

2nd Louise Graham, Corrileas Imp

3rd Amy Bryan Dowell, Ceilis Bouncer

Adult Open Equitation

1st Hazel Allin, Oxnead Schann

2nd Liz Rogers, Lord Manhattan

3rd Tatty Barwick, Vicarage Painted Lady

4th Louise Graham, Corrileas Imp

5th Amy Bryan Dowell, Ceilis Bouncer

Classical Ladies

1st Liz Rogers, Lord Manhattan

2nd Hazel Allin, Oxnead Schann


Champion : Liz Rogers

Reserve Champion : Louise Graham


Results – Area Spring Show

Area Spring Show, NDHS Showground, Long Eaton, Notts Novice Equitation 1st Lynsey Lawrence, Mista Fezziwig 2nd Jemima Somerfield, Bessie (Jnr) 3rd Stacey Smith, Jack 4th Yvonne Bacon, Bertie Restricted Equitation 1st Abigail Shaw, Diamond Kitt 2nd Jemima Sommerfield, Bessie 3rd Yvonne Bacon, Bertie 4th Stacey Smith, Jack Intermediate Equitation 1st Lisa Lane,  Brooklyn Man (Adult) […]

Results – Nottinghamshire County Show 14th/15th May 2016

Concours d’Elegance 1st Amy Bryan-Dowell, Ceilis Bouncer; 2nd Barbara Wale, Park Lane; 3rd Louise Graham, Corrileas Imp; 4th Hazel Allin, The Aviator; 5th Laura Deakin, Rockefalla III. Adult Equitation 1st Hazel Allin, The Aviator; 2nd Amy Bryan-Dowell, Ceilis Bouncer; 3rd Lauren Hill, The Ark Royal; 4th Rachael Barker, Kingsclough Masquerade; 5th Lisette Taylor, Silver Maddigen; […]

Results – The Bloomfields Equestrian Life Winter Showing Championships – 23rd April 2016

Concours d’Elegance 1st Rachel Fairburn, Highlane Riley 2nd Jane Strawson, Saundy Paul Open Equitation 1st Lisa Lane, Brooklyn Man 2nd Alexandra St Aubyn, Taffechan Rough Diamond 3rd Kerry Harrison, The Last Chance Classical Ladies 1st Lisa Lane, Brooklyn Man 2nd Rachel Fairburn, Highlane Riley 3rd Alexandra St Aubyn, Ducal Silver Heights Best Horse or Pony […]