Results – The Equestrian Life Winter Showing Championships – 23rd April

A great day with over 50 classes including four Side Saddle classes.  Well done to all who came and supported the show.

Side Saddle Concours D Elegance

1st, A Longdon, Fenrose Silver Rebel

2nd , K Harrison, Albus Dumbledore

3rd, R Mawer, Park Potion

4th, R Fairburn, Highlane Riley

Side Saddle Open Equitation

1st, R Mawer, Park Potion

2nd, A Longdon, Fenrose Silver Rebel

3rd, R Fairburn, Highlane Riley

4th, L Lane , Brooklyn Man

5th , K Harrison, Albus Dumbledore

Classical Ladies Side Saddle

1st, L Lane , Brooklyn Man

2nd, L Graham, Killowen Victor

3rd, R Mawer, Park Potion

Best Horse Or Pony Ridden Side Saddle

1st, L Graham, Killowen Victor

2nd, A Longdon, Fenrose Silver Rebel

3rd, K Harrison, Albus Dumbledore

4th, L Hallam, Lowhouses Jessica II

Side Saddle Champion: L Lane , Brooklyn Man

Side Saddle Reserve: L Graham, Killowen Victor

Results – Area 12 Summer Show – 28th May 2017

Class 1 – Open Style and Appearance 1st Andrea Guy, Killowen Victor 2nd Louise Graham, Corrileas Imp 3rd Amanda Chatfield, Kingsclough Masquerade 4th Stacey Smith, Just a Rumour 1st (Jnr) Ayisha Longdon, Fenrose Silver Rebel Class 2 – Novice Equitation 1st Rosemary Myers, Easter Star 2nd Andrea Guy, Killowen Victor 3rd Yvonne Bacon, Bertie  Class […]

Results – Nottinghamshire County Show 14th/15th May 2016

Concours d’Elegance 1st Amy Bryan-Dowell, Ceilis Bouncer; 2nd Barbara Wale, Park Lane; 3rd Louise Graham, Corrileas Imp; 4th Hazel Allin, The Aviator; 5th Laura Deakin, Rockefalla III. Adult Equitation 1st Hazel Allin, The Aviator; 2nd Amy Bryan-Dowell, Ceilis Bouncer; 3rd Lauren Hill, The Ark Royal; 4th Rachael Barker, Kingsclough Masquerade; 5th Lisette Taylor, Silver Maddigen; […]

Results – Area 12 Summer Show

Results – Summer Show – Sunday 29th May 2016 Class 1 Open Style and Appearance SS 1st Stacey Smith, Just A Rumour, 2nd Yvonne Bacon, Bertie; 3rd Ella-Rose Kinton, Zermes AS 1st Amanda Chatfield, Kingsclough Masquerade; 2nd Chloe Dyche, Lindhurst Limited Edition; 3rd Sophie Webster, Lucek; 4th Kat Mallendar, Ducal Silver Heights; 5th Ayisha Longdon, […]